Do Your Homework And Avoid The 4 Most Common Mistakes That Charlotte Home Sellers Make

4 Common Mistakes Charlotte Home Sellers Make

Is your home located in a prime location or a fantastic school zone but, you find your Charlotte home for sale becoming 'stale' on the market? It may be one of the 4 most common Charlotte NC home seller mistakes that can be easily remedied.

Charlotte Home Sellers - 4 Common Mistakes You Can Make When Selling Your Charlotte Home for Sale

1. A home price too high will yield you either low-ball Offers or none at all. When is the last time you viewed the comparable properties in the area? How does your home measure up to the competition? How is the competition priced? In order to get a serious buyer, Charlotte home sellers must be serious about selling and pricing is KEY in this market.

2. The marketing: Have you surveyed the marketing that is being done for your Charlotte home for sale? If not, perhaps there are alternatives to what you're doing that will prove more beneficial in getting a sale on your home. Photos are primo in helping get homes sold and if your photos are sub-par, they're not going to invite buyers to want to view your home in person.

3. Your real estate agent. If your Charlotte real estate just isn't selling, it may be because your agent isn't doing enough to get buyers through the door. Make sure you have detailed and open discussions with your agent from the beginning. That way you'll each know exactly what you expect from the other. If you're not getting the results you want, talk with your agent and put a plan in place to reach your goals.

4. Your home is in poor condition. Make sure all of the necessary fixes and repairs are done. Clean! And, remove as much clutter from your home as you can. You want potential buyers to come in and imagine themselves living there. Don't make them want to run right back out of the door.

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